• Frankie Nicholas at Top Drawer

About Us...

We’re Frankie and Tom AKA You’ve Got Pen On Your Face. Since 2016, we’ve spent an unhealthy amount of time thinking up rollicking puns and witty one-liners for the front of our cards. Our rallying cry is simple: greetings cards may be frivolous, but they don’t have to be forgettable. Make an impact. Send something memorable. 

Though we’ve grown a lot since 2016, we’re still a small, family-run publishing company, now nestled not far from the untamed beauty of the wild Welsh coast. At our core, we're two busy parents to two spirited young children navigating the chaos and trying to stay authentic.

In fact, staying true to ourselves is not just a mantra; it's our guiding principle. Our cards and gift wrap reflect the authenticity of our lives, capturing the real stories, laughter, and love that make each day a unique adventure.

And yes, we firmly believe that not taking ourselves too seriously is a recipe for happiness. The general mess of life has a way of reminding us that laughter is the glue that holds everything together. Our creations mirror this philosophy – a delightful mix of whimsy and heartfelt sentiment that never fails to get a smile. 

Welcome to our world of cards and gift wrap that reflect life's truest values – authenticity, joy, and a good dose of not taking things too seriously.